DronePort Eemshaven

About DronePort

With DronePort Eemshaven, a centre has been established at Heliport Eemshaven from which innovative drone applications such as transport of goods to offshore installations, emergency support and SAR operations, surveillance, mapping, surveying and inspections can be researched, initiated and carried out.

DronePort Eemshaven is being built on an independent and open model, with space for start-ups and scale-ups focusing on applicable unmanned robotics technology, sensors, autonomy and artificial intelligence. Cooperation with other initiatives and/or other regions that bring benefits to the region is one of the ambitions and actively encouraged.

DronePort Eemshaven plays a supporting role with innovative applications of unmanned technology for this important role that Eemshaven plays for the energy sector.

Application areas

  • Test Flights


    • Long Distance Flights

    • Cargo Delivery

  • Inspections


    • General Maintenance

    • Blade Inspections

  • Projetcs


    • 5G-flying

    • Cooperation with (scientific) universities

    • Switching from German to Dutch airspace


In order to be able to carry out safe and professional drone flights, we offer an infrastructure specially created for this purpose on the premises of the Heliport Eemshaven (EHHE). A control and operations room as well as a workshop room are available in a separate building. A specially marked take-off and landing area ensures maximum safety.


Our Heliport Eemshaven operations team is responsible for safety in the EHHE airspace. We see ourselves as hosts, security advisors and airspace surveillance for the users of the DronePort Eemshaven.


The initiative for DronePort Eemshaven was taken by the Offshore Wind Innovation Centre (OWIC), Groningen Seaports and Ems Maritime Offshore (EMO).

Further Information and Contact

For further information on the development of DronePort Eemshaven do not hesitate to contact us.

Photo by Niels Knelis Meijer, www.knelis.com